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De abuelita a influencer fitness, el sorprendente cambio a sus 73 años



De abuelita a influencer fitness, el sorprendente cambio a sus 73 años

De abuelita a influencer fitness, el sorprendente cambio a sus 73 años. Una mujer de Canadá, a sus 73 años se ha convertido en influencer fitness.

Gracias a la su voluntad y disciplina está causando sensación en redes sociales.

“Hace 3 años comencé este largo y lento viaje y ahora me doy cuenta de que realmente no tiene fin. Cada día me muevo en una dirección basada en mis elecciones. Cada mes es un nuevo hito”, comenta Joan Macdonald.

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I never thought the seventies were going to end up like this! Being in videos in a gym in Tulum Mexico wearing @womensbest ! 😅😅 I am sincerely grateful for all the moments leading up to this. The journey has been long and it’s not over. I have endured many hiccups and frustrations. I have battled fatigue, anger, self-doubt and fear. I have learned to love more, to embrace my body, to be open minded and to push forwards. I hope you all believe that my journey can be anybody’s journey. 💯💯💯 I did not do gymnastics or any serious sport when I was young. I battled weight most of my adult life. I was seriously overweight for the past twenty years before starting all of this. I have had a hysterectomy when I was in my forties. I am not on Hormone Replacement Therapy. I do not eliminate any food groups. I train 5 x week for about 75 minutes with weights trying to get better each week. I do cardio 4-7 days a week for about 15-30 minutes depending on what my coach wants me to do. I take a few supplements like creatine and protein powder and fish oil but not much else. . Michelle and I will be doing a live video on my instagram tonight at 8 pm EST 👵🏼👵🏼 to answer questions so please join me! With love Joan 💕 . Gym: @tulumstrengthclub Coach: @yourhealthyhedonista . #fitover70 #girlswithmuscle #bodybuilding #tscathlete.

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Joan Macdonald es la abuelita que en medio de una crisis matrimonial que la tenía en una profunda depresión encontró en el ejercicio la fuerza para salir adelante.

La crisis también le dejó problemas de salud como artritis, colesterol e hipertensión, por eso decidió hacer un cambio radical.

“Cada año parece que he cambiado tan completamente que creo que no puedo cambiar más y, sin embargo, lo hago. En este punto, realmente me doy cuenta de que somos ilimitados. En cualquier momento podemos tomar la decisión de cambiar”.

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Don’t get discouraged by how far you have to go. On the right I was 3 months into this journey and I just took it one day at a time. I honestly had no idea that I would end up where I am today. I just wanted to be off my medication. I can remember that getting down to the 150s was a pretty impossible dream. When I finally reached 156 lbs in the summer of 2017, I was worried that if I lost any more weight I would look flabby and frail. Michelle asked me to trust her and just be patient with the process. A year later, 2018, I was in the 140s pretty comfortably, and still seeing some exciting changes. I thought that would be as good as it gets. 😅 Now here I am yet another year later, and comfortably in the 130s. Michelle now tells me that she plans for me to be in the 120s by next fall, just by continuing slowly the way we’ve been going. That still seems impossible to me but I now know to just trust the process. 💕💕💕 . Have a wonderful holiday season everyone. Love yourself enough to make the changes you need to have the health you desire. 🤶🏻🤶🏻🤶🏻 . #transformation #diet #weightlosstips #weightloss #fitover70.

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De abuelita a influencer fitness

Con la ayuda de su hija, la entrenadora Michelle Macdonald, en solo 3 años Joan logró bajar casi 25 kilos y tonificar su cuerpo. Así, Joan pasó de abuelita a influencer fitness.

“Solo quería recuperar mi salud y dejar los medicamentos. Espero que todos sigan eligiendo crecer, aprender a amarse, a cuidarse y atreverse a soñar otra vez”, dijo Joan.

“No importa cuán difícil o desafiante sea la vida, debemos mantenernos firmes en nuestro objetivo y seguir avanzando. Cuando comencé, nunca imaginé que estaría donde estoy hoy. Solo quería recuperar mi salud y dejar mi medicamento”.

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I tried these for the first time since @yourhealthyhedonista put them into my program. They are hard! 😅 Reverse Hack Squats: you wont need a lot of weight. Position yourself with your feet flat so that you can drop down nice and low. I have pretty banged up knees (one knee was replaced a few years back). Michelle wants me training my legs with as much deep knee bending as I can handle as she believes that this will improve my knee health and keep my range of motion high. I have to admit it’s been working! 3 years ago I could never have done this kind of movement. It’s not over til it’s over kiddies! I’m also using some knee sleeves to help give my old joints some cushion and boy these are amazing! They are hard to put on but once they are on I feel like I have brand new knees (almost 😅). . Have a happy holiday season!! I just looked at the e-book that @jeanjacquesbarrett is working on for us and it is looking great! It will be available in January. . #bodybuilding #glutes #fitover70 #inspo #girlswholift #girlswhosquat #girlswithmuscle.

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“Cada puerta que atravesamos conduce a otra puerta y luego a otra. ¡Espero que todos sigan eligiendo crecer! Para aprender a amarte a ti mismo, cuídate mucho y atrévete a soñar y amar de nuevo con todo tu corazón”.

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