Chenquen cómo domina el balón Krissy Taylor

Krissy Taylor tiene muchos, pero muchísimos seguidores en instagram y no es para menos, es una belleza, toda una deportista, una excelente modelo, que además sabe dominar muy bien el balón de futbol.

Es totalmente fitness eh.

¿Qué tal el abdomen?


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Bueno le gusta los animales.¿qué tal?

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I don't know of a purer heart than a dogs. This video (scroll all the way to the last image) bring tears to my eyes, happy tears. I am so blessed to have this dog. No matter how I feel, look, or act he's always the sweetest soul to be around. He was found on the streets and we adopted him from a local shelter for just 20 dollars DON'T SHOP, ADOPT!!! Puppies are cute but you have no idea the things these loving souls have to endure in the puppy mills! They are looked at as nothing more than a bag of money and when they can no longer produce they are killed…. we do not deserve dogs and yet they love us unconditionally. PLEASE SAY NOT TO PUPPY MILLS!!!!! Sammy has brought nothing but joy to my family, other than the occasional chewed up shoes, which really just leaves us with funny memories because he always knows when he's done something wrong. I'd let him chew up every shoe of mine if I had too for his sake. 😂🐶💕#adoptdontshop#dogslove

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Bunny honey.

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Con el balón otra vez.

Es muy equilibrada.

Bueno, hasta canta.

Bueno pues, aquí la primera foto que subió a instagram. ¿Algún pero?

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🍑 and my dog 🐶

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Por cierto, tiene 21 años.

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