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Conoce a la modelo que no le tiene miedo a sus defectos y no utiliza photoshop

Ella es Karina Irby y se opone a las correcciones con photoshop y nos muestra su cuerpo tal como es
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Publicado Hace 30 días el 14 de Marzo de 2018


Karina Irby es una diseñadora de bikinis australiana que ha decidido acabar con los ‘retoques’ en Instagram de una vez por todas.

Comparte  fotos en la que podemos ver  dos imágenes: una de ella en Instagram y otra de ella ‘en la vida real’.

Muestra su imagen tal y como es en la realidad: hermosa, con su celulitis y sus volúmenes; no hay de qué ocultarse.

Explica también que muchas personas le han dicho de todo por tener esa figura. Que incluso le han recomendado someterse a una cirugía para “quitarse esos defectos”.

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Which do you prefer? Natural or self marketing Instagirl Edit? I know I’ve touched on this once before but I think it’s so important to bring awareness and reality to social media for young girls. Every day I see overly edited images from personal pages and business pages. Along with those “perfect” images comes a flood of women comparing themselves to a retouched image and tagging friends. From time to time I go out of my way to read these comments and go as far as visiting those girls profiles who are putting themselves down. They are always such beautiful, unique women and I wish that they would see that too. So I had some spare time and decided to retouch my bikini photo and copy the “look” I see flooding your Instagram feed. Heres what I did👎🏼 – Removed my eczema scars – Removed cellulite – Dramatically skin smoothed my body – Sucked in my waisted – Redesigned and sculpted my booty – Pushed my booty up – Thinned out my thighs, arms and neck – Made my hair bigger – Pushed my jaw line up – Added a glowing filter, twice – Narrowed my shoulders It’s a lot of effort, huh!? Seems crazy. But what’s crazier is that we all fall into the trap. It’s marketing and it gets us! I want to make cellulite, big booty’s, uneven skin and personality something to be looked up to! BUT I NEED YOUR HELP 🙏🏽🙏🏻🙏🏿 You need to love yourself. Every single inch and flaunt exactly what you go. Mind, body and soul! I’m not perfect, I do t want to be. I’m so much more than my Instagram posts. Just like everyone! Unique is better. Unique is power. Lumps, bumps and all🎉 @MOANA_BIKINI👙 #FLAWSANDALL

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Bueno entre otras cosas a ella le vale porque es millonaria porque tiene su empresa de bikinis y le va muy bien. Así que, qué!


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