Fotos sobre el romance de Lauren Jauregui y la hija de Carlos Vives

Afirman que la sesión fue “mágica” y describieron la química de Jauregui y Vives como “muy cariñosa”, señaló MTV.

De acuerdo con MTV, la sesión de fotos corresponden a noviembre del 2016 en los pantanos de Nueva Orleans para un editorial titulado “Bare With Me”, a cargo de la fotógrafa Nicole Cartolano

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it was an absolute dream and an incredible honor to feature on the cover and inner spread of the 2017 Dec. – Jan. 2018 edition of MAXIM Magazine in Colombia • besides the 3 days of food poisoning , throwing up before and after nearly each shot (this one included) , the crashing and flipping over of a Can-Am motor cart with me n @cv420 inside, you can barely freaking tell here ! i had the blessing and privilege to stay at a breathtaking eco-hotel at a natural reserve in Guatapé , Antioquia that is home and sanctuary to more bird species than there are in All of England. facts. this eco hotel cares for some of Colombia's most endangered species, monkeys that visit you for breakfast, a puma, deer, a cougar, 5 black swans, and Acres n Acres n Acres of beautifully nourished green land for all the flaura to flourish in health • massive thank you to our talented team of badasses and the opportunity to feature in the cover of this gentleman's magazine, as a latin queer woman, shot by a latin female photographer to talk about feminism and philosophy • wholly grateful !! pick up a copy lmk whatchu think ❤️🌹❤️ • ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️. the article's interview unfortunately features some fallacious information regarding huracán maria … including stating 13 casualties is an insult to claim after the hundreds reaching thousands that lost family members. @maximcolombia @maximmag 📸 @perazna • styled by @nataliauribevprodstyling • location @hotelmanantialesdelcampo

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I got new rules

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Y ahora se les vuelve a ver juntas


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