GALERÍA Hope Beel, la reina del fitness en EU


A Hope Beel la conocen como “La reina del fitness” y es que a través de su cuenta de Instagram en donde tiene más de 450 mil seguidores esta texana revela sus rutinas de ejercicios para beneficio de todos.

Además Hope disfruta de los deportes, en especial de la NFL y de Los Vaqueros de Dallas en donde ha sido porrista.


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Tips on how to get a tight tummy 👊🏼 . TAG A FRIEND. Let’s face it, a lean toned stomach is what we’re all searching for, maybe not rock hard abs but tight and toned is sexy. It’s not just about doing a ton of ab exercises to get the tummy you want. Read below for my tips on how I’ve achieved this look! . . 1. Focus on food. You can crunch for days but without the proper diet you won’t be able to lose the fat to show your results. . . 2. Don’t just do crunches, to target your entire core you have to hit all 4 abdominal muscle groups. Try over head crunches, planks, side planks, hanging leg raises, and reverse crunches to hit all angles. . . 3. Don’t cheat your cardio. Hiit is so great to get your heart rate up and burn more calories. Try it. . . 4. Don’t stress. I’ve learned that just enjoying the moment and appreciating all of my efforts i stay leaner, instead of when i stress about calories or how many times I’m hitting the gym. Also, it’s not about having a 6 or 8 pack, you should just focus on creating your best body. . #abs #fitness #nutrition #core #tummy #tighttummy #tightabs #howto #shred #shredded #getfit #nike #nikewomen #shape #allure #maxim #fitnessmodel #lulullemon #jfitnesswear #dallas #onlinetrainer #dallastrainer #dallastx #womenshealth

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