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GALERÍA: Emily Skye la instagirl de tus sueños

Emily Skye tiene más de 2 millones de seguidores en su cuenta de Instagram en donde comparte videos de cómo hacer ejercicios, así de rutinas sencillas que se pueden practicar en casa.
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Publicado 17 enero 2018 el 17 de Enero de 2018


Emily Skye tiene más de 2 millones de seguidores en su cuenta de Instagram en donde comparte videos de cómo hacer ejercicios, así de rutinas sencillas que se pueden practicar en casa. Además creo el sistema FIT (Fitness Inspiration Transformation) un programa que te ayuda a mantener en forma.

Además Emily ha creado rutinas que se pueden practicar en el embarazo.


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💪🏼 FIT PROGRAM👆🏼IN BIO! . There are no short cuts to getting fit and healthy. You either put in the work or you don't. Consistency is key. That doesn't mean you can't have treats every now and then, but if you really want results then you're going to have to commit yourself and learn when to say "no" to things. You are what you invest your time into most of the time. So if you eat "unhealthy food" most of the time then you'll be unhealthy. If you have a "negative attitude" most of the time then "negative" is what you'll be. Choose wisely what you spend most of the time doing… do your actions give you the results you want? Does the way you think about yourself or "others" make you feel good? Do the people you surround yourself make you feel happy and positive? If not changes need to be made. . I know it can be hard making some changes, especially if they require removing negative family members. But there are boundaries that can be made and you can choose what "comments" you choose to absorb. I've done it with family members too so I'm speaking from experience.. it can be done! 😊 You deserve to have loving, supportive people around you and you also deserve to be that person for yourself!! . Show yourself love and support and believe you're capable of achieving your goals and most importantly believe that you're WORTHY of them. . Sending love to you all! You're all amazing, don't you forget that!! 😘💗 . . ✨ATTENTION SNAPFAM!!!! Go watch my snapchat story!! It's just for you! 😘 . 👻 emilyskyefit . .

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Only a few more days of being on the Gold Coast before heading to LA. . Because I travel a LOT I try to do everything I can to keep my body healthy & my immune system strong. Traveling usually causes me to feel run down which means I'm more susceptible to catching a bug – like what happened on the trip I did at the start of the year. So what do I do to help my immune system as much as I can? I eat nutritious anti-inflammatory foods that don't cause a negative reaction. I have a lot of intolerances as you may already know so when I eat the wrong foods for my body I get very bloated and inflamed. It makes me feel lethargic and gives me tummy pains and takes a while to settle down. I exercise but also try to listen to my body & don't push myself when I'm feeling exhausted & run down. I rest when I need to & really try to get a decent amount of good quality sleep every night. I take a high quality L-Glutamine powder 2-3 times a day (1tsp per serve) – this is great for repairing the lining of the gut as well as supporting our immune system & muscle repair & growth. I take supplements including: multi vitamins, evening primrose oil, iron bisglycinate, bacillus coagulans (probiotics), basic B complex, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, adrenal support & thyroid support, ashwagandga & also herbal immune support. I have a super green powder 1-2 times a day as well! ✨I posted photos of these on my IG story!👆🏼 . I also try not to stress! I take time out to relax, to do things I enjoy, fun things that make me smile or laugh -from walking along the beach to dancing around the house! I've also started doing RED/Infrared light therapy! I have a light panel at home & use it for about 20 mins/day & find it relaxes me but also gives me energy & it helps me sleep! It has so many more health benefits too including helping with a range of skin conditions, digestion, healing, brain function, muscles etc. I use it at night & put my essential oil diffuser on with relaxing oils & breathe deeply while listening to relaxation music. It really calms me! I believe it's important to find these routines that you can do that make you feel good & relaxes you! ☺ So those are my tips!👍🏼 .

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If there's something you have achieved that you're proud of don't let anyone take it away from you! You have a right to be happy and proud of yourself! If you're not hurting anyone then don't worry about what other people think. There will always be those people who disagree with you and criticize but you can't let them steal your joy away. Be who you want to be and do what you want to do with confidence and don't make decisions based on what others might think. This is your life so live it the way you want to. 👊🏼 . I love being fit, strong and healthy and I'm proud of myself. I love sharing my journey, experiences and tips with others! ☺️ People may dislike, mock and criticise but I'll keep doing what I love! . I believe when we have love, consistently work hard and have good intentions we're able to do anything and overcome anything! Never doubt yourself or allow anyone to bring you down! 😘 . @emilyskyefitness @emilyskyebeauty @emilyskye_fit . .

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