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GALERÍA: Anna Victoria, la norteamericana que te hará ir al gym

Anna Victoria es una de las fit girl del momento. Su popularidad ha roto las fronteras y hoy seguida por muchos aficionados al fitness en toda latinoamérica.
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Publicado 14 enero 2018 el 14 de Enero de 2018


Anna Victoria es una de las fit girl del momento. Su popularidad ha roto las fronteras y hoy seguida por muchos aficionados al fitness en toda latinoamérica.


Actualmente tiene más de 1 millón de seguidores en su cuenta de Instagram, esto gracias a su método de 12 semanas con el cual promete ponerte en tu mejor forma.


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También funge como Personal trainer, aunque creeemos que esto si será algo caro para nuestros bolsillos.



Por lo pronto si no la conoces, les presentamos esta galería de Anna Victoria.



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Do something today your future self will thank you for 🙌 We are so conditioned to seek instant gratification and this journey, each the physical, mental and emotional aspects, do not show immediate results. . You have to get used to making decisions based on your long-term enjoyment/satisfaction/health and goals. Not the short term. This is what makes this journey hard but once you realize and acknowledge that it takes dedication, NOT motivation, and no longer require instant gratification with every workout you do, that’s when you’re one step closer not to just seeing progress, but to truly living a healthy lifestyle ❤️ #fbgbodylove #fbggirls Photographer: @sarahorbanicphotos www.annavictoria.com/bodyloveapp 📲 Get a 7-Day Free Trial of @bodyloveapp! Download from the App Store

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Here is part of a workout I did with @flobility focusing on functional training, hip mobility and core strength. Many of you know I've struggled with hip flexor issues for some time now and foam rolling fixed a big majority of those issues, but there's still a training component that needs to be addressed. What we're working on in the second part of this video is me working my "top butt" 😝🍑 what I've learned is that when your top butt is weak (and anterior core/TVA which are your deepest ab muscles that wraps around your spine for protection and stability), then your hip flexors will take over and do a majority of the work. So properly activating and really, like REALLY engaging your glutes and your top butt specifically will help train your glutes to take back the reigns from your overactive hip flexors. I learned a lot of new things from this training session and if you girls are interested, I can go into more detail on a YouTube video. Comment below if you'd like to see that! ☺️ (Edit: working on making this YouTube video happen – thanks for all your comments!! 🙌) Big thanks to @flobility for this training sesh! Love learning new methods and approaches and sharing them with you all! #fbggirls www.annavictoria.com/guides

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