Estos atletas de Crossfit te darán una lección de vida

Estos crossfiteros han inspirado a miles de personas ya que pese a las dificultades y accidentes que han enfrentado decidieron y no rendirse. Sin duda una lección de vida. 

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Estos crossfiteros han inspirado a miles de personas ya que pese a las dificultades y accidentes que han enfrentado decidieron seguir luchando y no rendirse. Sin duda toda una lección de vida.



Lindy Barber 

No es una de las más ganadoras, pero su historia inspira.  Lindy fue diagnosticada con un fuerte daño en la espina dorsal que le impediría volver a hacer ejercicio, sin embargo después de meses de entrenamientos y ejercicios logró volver al deporte de sus amores y no solo eso, logró calificar a los Crossfit Games. En el 2016 ganó el primer lugar en la categoría de equipos.


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So it’s the beginning of the year- and just like many of you, I REALLY feel like I need get back to eating healthier and put away all the Holiday chocolate I still have lying around my house. While my body type and goals may be much different than yours, we are all together in having goals for diet and nutrition. You may have goals of gaining weight and strength, or losing weight, or maybe your main goal is just to feel better and have more energy- all of these are great goals and all you have to do to achieve them is get started. I started with @rpstrength years ago and will still use them this year to achieve my fitness goals. I highly suggest that you do the same! They have the most amazing success stories and make healthy eating easy to follow and allow you some freedom as well. Check them out, and I would LOVE to hear what your goals are for this year! Let’s do this together 💪🏻🙌🏻 #rpstrength #healthyeating #yesanotherbathroomselfie #imkindasorry #nofilter #butdefgoodbathroomlighting #istilleatchocolate #andpizza #butalsolotsofveggies #isthistoomanyhasgtags? #idontknowtherules @rpstrength

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I never thought that I would miss doing something that once gave me such anxiety. In the 2016 swim event at the games I (single handedly) LOST our team 15 spots. I was so embarrassed and I knew I could never allow myself to do that to us again. With the help of my team and @jennabekker this year we swam twice a week for almost the entire year leading into the games. This year in the 2017 games swim event I helped us to gain 6 spots instead of lose any. I realized this week that I kind of missed swimming because it has become such a normal part of my week, which is amazing to me as the girl that had to backstroke at the 2013 and 2015 games because I couldn't do anything else. I wouldn't say I turned a weakness into a strength yet, but I have at least moved up to slightly below average. And I'll take it 😉😛 what weakness are you going to turn into a strength this year?! #rpstrength @rpstrength @swimdurance_ #yep #thatsabathroomselfie #yep #igotcaught #yep #tennesseetechlockerroom #itsallforyouguys

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Krystal Cantu

Esta atleta perdió uno de sus brazos en un accidente de carro, sin embargo nunca perdió su espíritu de lucha. Al día de hoy ella es una de las crossfiteras más queridas. Además es coach motivacional.



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Kevin Ogar 

Su historia es una de las más dramáticas. Era un consolidado atleta de Crossfit cuando en 2014 en plena competencia tuvo un accidente que lo dejó paralítico. En lugar de de rendirse, Kevin se ha convertido en una fuente de inspiración gracias a su recuperación.


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Such an amazing experience at the CrossFit Games, and there's still one more day to go! To many awesome things to post them all but I'll re-share this one. Being on the Competition Floor with people I consider some of my dearest friends and mentors to keep the adaptive movement growing is beyond amazing. I'm humbled and honored that @chefwide and @stouty08 allowed me to be a part of it. Thank you so very much #wheelchairgang #adaptiveCrossFit #crossfitgames #madison @stephthehammer @aldridgelogan @barbelljason #WhatsDerrysInstaTag #Repost @adaptivecrossfit (@get_repost) ・・・ Via @klooamanda and @mr.footloose ・・・ Outstanding athletes right there!!! Mentors, coaches, role models, friends. So pumped for adaptive crossfitters to have the opportunity to throw down at the games again this year! Thank you @crossroadsaaa , @wheelwod , & @adaptivecrossfit for continuing to pave the way & break new ground. Soon, we won't be celebrating an opportunity to showcase but the chance to compete. #wheelwodnation #beabettercoach #adaptlife #adaptivefamily #proud #crossfit #crossfitgames

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Huge thank you to @marksmellybell, @mbslingshot, @thesupertraininggym, @lilsmokeyst, and @markbellspowercast for having @megannjohn, @philipdamian and myself out for a couple amazing days of training. Super Training Gym really is an amazing place. Full of the some of the strongest people around but still makes everyone who walks (or rolls) in feel like it's their home gym. Crazy environment and super motivating. Made me want to pick up the heaviest things I could find and throw them around. Here's a video of one of those heavy things (475 w/Mad Dog Slanger), a picture of Megan and Phil being meatheads, and a special selfie of Mark and I while I was doing my Rows @barbellsforboobs @progenex @frictionlabs #roadto200kgbench #whenMarkTellsYouYouCanGoHeavyYouGoForaPR #alltheheavythings #becarefullookingdirectlyintothatlastpicture @jesska_smith @filipinothunder

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