GALERÍA Emily Sears, tu mejor regalo para Navidad


Ya prácticamente estamos en Naviad y si te portaste bien, seguramente tendrás un buen regalo. Pero no todos tuvieron el mejor comportamiento en el año, así que para ellos les traemos esta galería de la maravillosa Emily Sears.

Esta modelo australiana literal vive de las fotos que publica en Instagram en donde tiene más de 4 millones de seguidores.


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I'm getting into the fall spirit and baking using @1stphorm level 1 vanilla ice cream protein in all my fave recipes 🍂🐿🍁 . I've been trying substitutes in recipes like oat, coconut and almond flour, and using brown sugar substitute, stevia and honey while I'm baking. @emilyfrisella cookbook has some great recipes if you don't know where to start! . Embracing the spirit of holidays makes a house feel like a home, and celebrates the progress within each year as it unfolds. . A lot of people feel that in order to progress and be disciplined while achieving your goals, you have to restrict yourself from the things that make you happy. . Holidays don't have to be hard! . Restriction is based within fear, it's hiding and it's avoidant. That's never about growth. . You're never going to have control in life while you're avoiding life as it unfolds around you. That's the illusion of control. Control is when you take the initiative to adjust the unhealthy behaviours and adapt to new and healthy ways of enjoying the things you love. Hiding from the things that make you happy is a bandaid fix that is based in punishment. How will you find happiness and fulfillment while you're operating out of fear and wallowing? . Holidays, people, food, joy, aren't the enemy and aren't holding you back. Your attachment, thoughts and perception of them are. . The body, mind and spirit is all connected, so it isn't logical when you try to cut one need off in replacement of another. Success is about balance, and adapting so that we can exist harmoniously within all aspects of ourselves. It takes work to learn these things and a commitment to yourself to actually learn these tools for self awareness. . Starving yourself from joy won't work. . Running from life is not control, it is the absence of control. Control is educating yourself with tools to change the behaviours that hold you back in different areas of life, not eliminating different areas of your life that give you joy. . #1stphorm level one is a staple for me because whether I'm mixing up a quick shake or it's an ingredient in baking, I'm able to nourish my muscles as they grow. . #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #fall #muffins

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